Navjeevan Project

Sansi, Kanjar, Bagariya and many other backward communities are involved in the production and sales of wine illegaly. To get them in the mainstream of the society, Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan and the department of Social Justice and Empowerment, jointly, have been organising "Navjeevan" effectively in Beawar, 62 kms. far from Ajmer. Under this project, families which are involved in the production of wine illegaly are being made self-supporting by vocational training as well as awareness of ill effects of alcohol is being developed among the backward community. Under the project, women are being trained in food processing, sewing, beauty parlour, bag making and men are getting trained in as motor mechanic, motor driver, electician, mobile repairing, plumber and security gaurd.


To develop leadership and confidence in this community.
To ensure the employment security and income generation in local sources
To reducing poverty through skill empowering & Vocational Training
To change their social empowering.
To promote a self help group and self employment
To improve the social status through empowerment and economic activity.


Community Assessment of Base line survey
Awareness for side effects of illicit liquor manufacturing and sale of adopt alternative livelihood business
Beauty Parlor
Bag making
Electric Item repairing
Mobile Repairing
Stitching Training and Readymade Garment
Candle, soap & agarbatti Making
Food Processing (Pickle, Murrabba, Papad etc.)
Provide  a Microfinance


Rehabilitation of the engaged member/family in the manufacture of illicit liquor and sale.
Income generating sources will be achieved at the local level.
In all Beneficiaries would be training and assisted in placement with the micro and relevant industry.
Sustainable livelihood
The social cause of the project i.e. improving the quality of life among the beneficiaries addressed properly and they would be made aware in day to day life.
Youth & dropout mobilized in a proper manner so that they impact training in the respected trades.
The employment and retention of the trainee ensuring.
viii. Women and girls to improve skills
Target group improving the economic and social level.
Self confidence & economic development



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