Pathshaala : - Quality Education for Girl Children


The project "Pathshaala . . .  back to school" is bein managed by Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan to provide quality education to poor deprived students. In addition to quality education, poor deprived children are being taught basic learnings of discipline, cleanliness, English under the project.


Objective: - 

 To increase enrolment of students in the school 
 To initiate the community to advocate for the poor girls to have access to education 
 To increase the access of poor girls to education
 To change the life condition of poor girls and boys through education 
 To empower their families economically

Activities: - 

 To provide quality education to deprived children.
 To motivate children and parents for getting registered in schools
 To make children learnt about cleanliness and discipline.
 To teach deprived children basic learnings of English.
 To select school drop-out weak children for the getting education in "Pathshaala".
 To organise entertainment and game activities.
 To provide study material for deprived children.
 To make children understand about the importance of education for a better job


 Quality education has been provided to more than 300 poor children approximately.
300 children were registered in schools.
 Parents are becoming alert and vigilant by education.
 The children have got confidence increased.
 Other children are also getting inspired and taking admission in schools.
 Uneducations is getting reduced gradually.
 A positive environment of eduation is creating in the remote villages and slums which got benefitted from "Pathshaala".
 Deprived children are also getting right to education.






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