Livestock breeding
Sotck raising is the major axis along with agriculture in rural areas. Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan is managing the project for stock raising. Under the project, the villagers are trained for breed improvement, artificial insemination process, treatment of animal diseases, vaccination. Moreover, the stockmen are taught proper feeding and better ways to look after the stock under the project.
To provide cultural material of the desired species and train farmers and entrepreneurs. 
To awareness about vermin composting  
Training on animal husbandry  
To help women set up micro enterprises based on vermin composting, in rural areas of Ajmer district 
To improve their economic and social status 


Training on Animal husbandry  
Connect with govt. Scheme  
Formation of joint liability group  
Formation of farmer club 


Farmers are aware about vermin composting 
Connect with govt. Scheme 
Increase in the credit flow and diversification of lending  
Generation of new business 
Socio development of the village

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